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We The Commas

with Kahlil Nash and Heaping Teaspoon

  • June 9
  • 7 pm
  • The Flower Fields


New Village Arts is proud to bring back this SoCal Band of Brothers, We the Commas!

Tickets for this event are standing room only, so bring your dancing shoes. Limited seating will be available!

Reserve your tickets today!

Inspired by artists such as Stevie Wonder and Nat King Cole, We The Commas “Custom Made” will bring you back to an era of sweet love songs and chill ambiance.


“Growing up with the beaches of SoCal as their backdrop and music as their safe haven, We The Commas were always bound to do something to feed the heart and soul. The trio are young — Lenny’s just out of college, Jordy’s studying psych at his university, and Cam’s still in high school — but their youth is an asset. Remarkably, they’re able to identify the biggest sounds of today and blend them with classic old-school elements. The result is a hypnotic foray into the languorous beach-pop these guys are redefining before our very eyes. Sometimes, “Sherry” seems to shimmer. Sometimes it floats. Sometimes it pumps along at a slow-crawl towards victory.” – The Music Mermaid