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The Dea Hurston Fellowship

The Dea Hurston Fellowship (DHF) was created to address the lack of paid opportunities for women, BIPOC, and other marginalized theatre artists and students in San Diego County.

New Village Arts is proud to take over the management of the Fellowship and expand its reach into North County and beyond. We believe that a more diverse theatre environment leads to better stories that have a broader positive impact in our community.
The Dea Hurston Fellowship (DHF) addresses three main categories:
High School Girls

The high school program focuses on accessibility to the arts for
girls in high school. The DHF provides free tickets to shows, education from industry
professionals, and mentorship opportunities. The DHF will give priority to students from
lower-income/higher-diversity schools.

BIPOC and Women College Students

The college program focuses on creating
professional opportunities for BIPOC, women, and other marginalized theatre artists
currently in college. DHF covers stipends for these emerging artists to work in local
professional theatres, as well as mentorship from professional theatre artists.

Professional Experience for BIPOC artists and other underrepresented people

The BIPOC artist program supports the
hiring of BIPOC artists in professional theatres in San Diego County.

“I gained a lot of experience from this fellowship. Being a Hurston Fellow really brought me into a world of business and art and taught me how to love it. I came out of my comfort zone so many times, meeting numerous people at every event and even presenting on stage before opening night of the Hansel and Gretel Opera. Being in this fellowship made me feel known and made me feel like my voice could be heard and I appreciate all thats came from it.”

 Keyanna Picos (Hurston Fellow)”


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