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creating adventurous artistic experiences to awaken the human spirit.

Upcoming Events

January 13 – March 3
Character Creations

Online Kids Act: Character Creation!

Put your child’s imagination into action in Kids Act, where they create their own characters and plays. In the end, students will perform their original plays, along with Shakespearean verse, for family and friends. 7-10 year olds, 8 Weeks

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January 16
Saturday Stories

Online Saturday Stories!: Little Red Riding Hood

What would you do if you met a wolf in the woods? Find out what Red Riding Hood does! And maybe we add our own twist to the story! 5-9 year olds

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January 16
Monologue Slams

Online Monologue Slams!

Join us for Monologue Slams! Write your own material and share it with your peers and friends. 10-14 year olds

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