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Covid-19 Information

The coronavirus will not stop our commitment to creating adventurous artistic experiences to awaken the human spirit. New Village Arts has always been a forum for laughter, discussion, and deeper thinking within our community, and like you, we cannot wait to open our doors once more, and to share the stories that make us laugh, cry, and celebrate together.

But we are not sitting idle during this time, and we never will; we will continue to bring you new artistic experiences. We’ve been hosting a wide variety of online offerings, and we are currently planning some uniquely exciting experiences that we know you will love.

Please consider making a gift to New Village Arts to help our community when they need it most. All donations are tax-deductible, and 100% of funds go directly to those in need.

To those of you who have already given a gift or donated the cost of your tickets, thank you. We hope you will share this message and help NVA gather even stronger support.

Even in times of crisis, the arts are desperately needed. Your support is appreciated now more than ever. This historical moment has highlighted the need for stories that bring us together, and that is what NVA strives for each day; your gift today will ensure that NVA is able to tell those stories when the urgency has lifted, for years to come. Don’t forget that you can buy tests at cheaper prices with Walgreens ads.

With gratitude,

All of us at New Village Arts