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Summer Shows

Fully staged productions featuring actors with neurodiversity, neurotypical peers, and
professional Teaching Artists.

Past productions include: The Little Prince, Secret Superheroes,
The Great Smelly, Slobbery, Small-Tooth Dog, Stellaluna, and The Mechanicals.

In Picture (L-R) Stephanie Monis as Kate/Wall and Max Lecanu-Fayet as Matthew/Lion


Long-time campers at Camp Bobindaweeds are asked to play an eclectic group of amateur actors in A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM. Not only do they learn how to perform Shakespeare, they find out how to follow their dreams and fall in love.

Written by Aleta Barthell
Directed by Samantha Ginn


Based on the beloved story about friendship and acceptance by local Carlsbad author, Janell Cannon, this adaptation tells the story of Stellaluna through original music, harp, and puppetry.

Adapted by Aleta Barthell
Directed by Samantha Ginn

Ethan Marr as Stellaluna


An original musical written by Aleta Barthell, and devised from original ideas by cast members.   A co-production with Kids Act and New Village Arts Theatre, this musical tells the story about tapping into your own unique superpowers.

Written by Aleta Barthell
Directed by Samantha Ginn

Some of the cast members of Secret Superheroes

In picture (L-R) Liam Porter as The Dog/Prince and Rachel Ford as The Daughter.

The Great, Smelly, Slobbery, Small-Tooth Dog 2022

This fairytale production was performed using original puppets designed by a neurodiverse artist. Adapted from award-winning author, Margaret Read MacDonald’s book, it puts a new spin on the classic story, “Beauty and the Beast”, reminding us all that appearances can be deceiving and that compassion can be powerful.  

Written by Aleta Barthell
Directed by Samantha Ginn


Based on the story by Antoine de Saint-Exupery, this is a beautiful story about loneliness, friendship, sadness, and love. The prince is a small boy from a tiny planet (an asteroid to be precise), who travels the universe, planet-to-planet, seeking wisdom. On his journey, he discovers the unpredictable nature of adults.

Written by Aleta Barthell
Directed by Samantha Ginn

Liam Porter as The Little Prince