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Cabaret Showcase

  • May 31
  • 7:30 pm

Cabaret Showcase

This event is for the culmination of our Cabaret workshop where each participant will perform three songs with their own original banter at the White Family Next Stage!

Workshop description:

This class is for intermediate to advanced musical theatre singers who want to create their own cabaret show.  We’ll discuss the nuts and bolts of how to put your one-person show together, including the 4 pillars of your set list, the 4 key emotional moments to include, and how to mine your own history for stories to share in your banter.  You’ll brainstorm specific songs that you might include in your one-person show, and bring in songs each week to coach on the music interpretation and storytelling.


Cindy Alfonso, Carolyn McClain, Kimberly Moller, and Ksenia Palke