Give Bunches!

During the run of The Servant of Two Masters, New Village Arts is raising funds to support the Education & Outreach Programs that make NVA so a-peel-ing, including programs for neurodiverse students, improv and acting for adults with Alzheimer's and dementia, and a wealth of multicultural outreach initiatives. 

Your donation today will ensure that New Village Arts can continue to provide outstanding opportunities for all members of our community. 
Programs include: 
Monday Night Live!  •  Mainstage Players
Mindful Theatre for Adults with Alzheimer's & Dementia
Kids Act!  •  Verbitas Documentary Theatre
Artists in Schools  •  Teatro Pueblo Nuevo
Give at the following amounts to help grow our banana trees in the lobby:
$20 = One Banana  •  $100 = A Bunch of Bananas  •  $500 = Banana Tree

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