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Last Doll on the Shelf

  • February 1
  • 6 pm
  • The White Family Next Stage at The Dea Hurston New Village Arts Center

Kick Off Black History Month with Deja Fields!

We welcome friends and family throughout the San Diego Community and Artists of all backgrounds to step into the mind of a Black Doll and the history behind her eyes.

Kick off Black History Month by highlighting community artist Deja Fields for her birthday, while she tells the stories of those that can't.

This One Women show by Deja Fields, explores the intersectionalities and complexities black women today have within society. Through the lens of a Comedic Black Doll, “Dolly,” takes you on a wild ride as the leader of the Black Dolls of America and wrestles with the ever changing rules of the toy industry. Dolly highlights a “type” of black women the world perceives one to be, based on her hairstyles and body types, and brings each personification to life. The history, distinct looks and hairstyles create a true narrative that is imaginatively recounted. Dolly’s larger than life personality wraps the audience into her doll house, as they get a genuine peek inside the mind of a black woman.

The story of Dolly came out of being trapped in Deja’s own personal dollhouse, her home during Covid 2020. The things she saw as she watched the world pass by and simply forget about her, is the story of Dolly, and having the opportunity to share her world for the very first time at the Dea Hurston New Village Arts Center is a dream come true.