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Bird About Town

One-Woman Show, One Performance ONLY!

Performed by the cultural consultant of THE FERRYMAN!

BIRD ABOUT TOWN, a new Irish work and winner of the BEST SOLO SHOW at Reykjavík Fringe Festival is coming to the NVA stage for one night only! Written by Jessie Doyle, performed by award-winning Derry actress Amanda Doherty, and lovingly directed by Jess Williams.

Written by Jessie Doyle
Directed by Jess Williams
Performed by Amanda Doherty

Have you been surprised by the size and absolute GALL of seagulls recently? Truth and reality seriously bend in this one-woman nightmare journey post-breakup.

$15 Ticket to the U.S Premiere show that is both  MELANCHOLY AND TENDER! 

The show deals with themes of grief, loneliness, how bizarre can things really get?, self-reliance, seagulls, and ultimately, hope. The show follows Woman as she explains to us why she can’t leave the house (but she must, she MUST) to get to the shops to get some bread. But then the birds might get her. It’s the story of a queer woman trying desperately to exist within a cost-of-living crisis, while her very-recent-ex was always the one to do the cooking. Everything becomes increasingly more surreal the more Woman tries to keep her grip on reality. How do we bring ourselves back to level when everything’s been thrown off kilter? How do we begin to be alone again? The show is bizarre, a melancholy comedy, and contains one (1) mushroom jungle. The piece is both urgent and timeless. We’re all broke, and we’ve all been broken up with.

Show: FEB 15, 7.30 PM

Post-show talk: 8.30-9 PM

“Tall and lithe, Amanda Doherty has the proportions of a model and the translucent skin and features of a classic Hollywood beauty. There’s something in her bearing, her crisp diction and the line of her cheekbones reminiscent of a young Katherine Hepburn- the Derry actress every bit as striking but more beautiful. She has stagecraft oozing from every invisible pore and a sense of spirited independence that’s refreshingly at odds with the ‘all things to all men’ culture among many aspiring actors”


“Doherty is an actor of tremendous depth, subtlety and animal physicality – frail, determined, intelligent, haunted. Brave too, prepared to act without a safety net and expose her fear and darkness. . . . This is an important play, written and performed by a woman who, if she isn’t already, should become an important voice in contemporary Northern Ireland theatre.”

— CULTURE NI, reviewing self-penned show Inheritancer