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About the Artist Foundry

The Foundry is currently closed due to the New Village Arts renovation project.

What is the Foundry Studios?
Established in August of 2009, The Foundry at New Village Arts is a place where raw materials are forged into original works of art. With 16 resident artists, each with their own individual artistic style, The Foundry has become a haven for the creative process and allows art to always flourish and exist.

Our Purpose
Art, whether it be theatrical, musical, visual, et cetera, is truly an instrumental tool of our discovery into the less visible parts of ourselves. It soothes, inspires, reminds, documents, and gratifies our inner workings. An investment in the arts can touch us in the most intangible ways and help us to maintain the wholeness that sometimes is lost in the banter of our busy lives.

Art For Sale
Most of our works are for sale and in order to serve your needs, we have several methods of payment that include check and credit- no cash at this time. If a piece moves you, don’t hesitate to ask. We are all open to negotiation as there is nothing we want more than to find good homes for our works.

Monthly Artist Receptions
Each month, one artist or group of artists is featured in the gallery space. We kick off their month-long showcase with an Artist Reception on the fourth Thursday of each month. These fun-filled events are free and open to the public, and feature live music, interactive art, refreshments, and more! Click here for this month’s reception.

So come on in, Explore, and Invest in our endeavor to bring original art to all.

For studio leasing information contact us here.