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Social Justice

On this page, you will find links and resources for social justice organizations.
Please, give generously to these important organizations.

Organizations marked with *** work directly with San Diego communities.
This list will continue to change and grow. Check back periodically for updates.

Note: New Village Arts does not receive funds or reimbursement for providing these links. We are providing this list as a free community resource.

Victim Memorial Fund
Donations will go toward supporting the families of these victims of police brutality.

Bail Funds
Donations will go toward paying bail or bonds to release protesters jailed in states with bail or bond systems.

Community Restoration Organizations
Donations will go toward rebuilding businesses and other parts of Black communities where protests have occurred and/or have been hit particularly hard by the coronavirus pandemic.

Youth-Oriented Community Organizations
Donations will go toward funding initiatives for educating Black and brown youth, such as programs for coding, activism camps, and providing books for schools.

Community Organizations Serving Disabled BIPOC
Donations will go toward medical aid, financial aid, educational programs, and other services for disabled Black, indigenous people of color.

Policy Reform Organizations
Donations will go toward legislative efforts to overturn systemically racist policies at either national, state, or local levels.

Black LGBTQ Organizations
Donations will go toward providing ongoing mental-health and health-care support, monetary support, and education to Black LGBTQ communities.

If you have a suggestion of an organization to add to the list, please email Frankie Alicea-Ford.