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New Village Arts – Art Gallery

Please take a moment in our lobby to experience the Milena (Sellers) Phillips Gallery, in celebration of Jonathan Sellers & Charlie Keever, as well as the Judi Sheppard Missett Gallery, in honor and celebration of Brendan John Sheppard-Missett, located in the New Village Arts lobby.

FUSION: A Collection from San Diego School of Creative and Performing Arts Students

Welcome to our SDSCPA student exhibition, where vibrant creativity meets profound reflection. In this showcase, we delve into the kaleidoscope of human experience, exploring themes both poignant and powerful. Among the diverse array of artworks, some resonate deeply with the themes of “The Color Purple.” Through various mediums, our talented artists invite you to journey through landscapes, identity and the complexities of human relationships.

From striking visual representations to thought-provoking mixed media works, each creation offers a unique perspective from student artists at the San Diego School of Creative and Performing Arts.

Join us in celebrating the rich tapestry of emotions and narratives woven into our exhibition, where every stroke of the brush speaks volumes about the human experience.

Please Note: The Art is NOT for Sale.


Adrian Hernandez

Walking On Water 

My work recently is based on well known Bible stories, David and Goliath, Jesus walking on water, and Adam and Eve. I want to incorporate my faith with my art to express the love of Christ through my pieces. I love to use digital and magazine collages for my pieces, I feel like it helps me best get the story across and put a bit of my own spin on it.

Angelica Arguilla

Reburn In Oracles

I dabble in both traditional and digital mediums in my artwork. To develop my understanding of color theory, all of my pieces are set in different lighting situations. I am more comfortable with traditional painting than digital because I have a longer history of using it. It was easier to experiment with color theory on a screen, so I began to take digital art seriously around January of 2024 with a program called ibis Paint X. Eventually, I took a graphic design class that gave me access to higher-quality programs such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, expanding upon potential digital painting techniques that I found myself enjoying. Although making works in acrylic and oil paint is my most developed skill, I did want to challenge myself with landscape paintings. Throughout my studies as an art student, I focused on illustrations incorporating characters and the designs involved in creating them. Because of this, I also needed to enhance my understanding of how to develop backgrounds.

Azari Smith

Curly Hair 

The theme of this piece is curly hair culture. Curly hair reveals the biracial aspect of me which I take pride in, and as a biracial woman of color, curly hair is a big part of my life. Growing up and even now I don’t live with my black side of the family. I would say that there are fewer resources to know how to take care of your hair. My mom isn’t black but when I was little she always went out of her way to learn about curly hair culture and its history so we wouldn’t grow up not knowing anything. I thank my mom for her efforts and I thank my sister for being my model for this piece.

Beatrice MacIntyre

Cycle of Focus

My name is Beatrice MacIntyre. I am a 9th grade student at the San Diego School of Creative and Performing arts. 

Brooklyn Burroughs

Introspection, Lotus, Power to the People, Metamorphosis, and Ore Eye Oshun

My name is Brooklyn Burroughs, and I specialize in surrealism and psychedelic art. I’m a 17 year old high school art student at SDSCPA, born and raised in San Diego. My art usually focuses on themes about spirituality, and my main mediums are oil and acrylic paint; though I do use other mediums. My best artist achievement was being showcased in the Oceanside Theatre Company exhibition and local newspaper, as well as receiving commissions.

I love creating art about mystical and spiritual themes, and my most recent favorite hobby is painting murals on my bedroom walls. In my free time I create art, meditate, hang out with loved ones, dance hip hop/African dance, take care of my plants, cook, watch true crime, etc. I am currently open for commissions.

Elana Asuncion

Rosa Park Greenery Collage

Hello, my name is Elana Asuncion. I am currently in 7th grade, enrolled at SDSCPA. For this piece I got a black and white photoof Rosa Parks and got public domain images of many plants and flowers from to put around her to make Rosa parks pop in the composition. I made the background orange because it goes well with the green plants, since they are both secondary colors. I added yellow flowers, which is analogous to the orange background. It has symmetry which gives the piece a sense of unity.

Fun facts about me- I have a twin brother who is in the same school and I am supposedly one minute older than him. I am also left handed, which is supposedly rare, like 10% of the population.

Esmeralda Guzman

Mysterious Dutchess

Hello! My name is Esmeralda Guzman. I am an Art major in the 9th grade at San Diego School of Creative and Performing Arts. I was born and raised in San Diego.  I love acrylic painting and experimenting with fashion illustrations.  I enjoy mixed-media that includes textiles and fabrics. I’ve had my artwork featured in SDSCPA’s annual Creative Arts Exhibition and I’m am excited to be selected to display my work at the New Village Exhibition.

Ethan Khemmanivong


My work is highly influenced by surrealism, I want everything to look out of the ordinary, whether it is through the outfits, the editing, or the lighting. My work is a culmination of everything I have learned throughout my years at SCPA and my grown passion for photography while at this school. I feel like my photos represent the time it took to find my style as a photographer and I am proud to be able to share my work with everyone.

Gena Shelley

Worlds Come Together as One

Hello my name is Gena and I am a digital artist in San Diego. I am currently a middle schooler who will be going to high school next year. I also like creating other artwork such as Anime and Japanese based design. I like creating artwork with lots of color that express my feelings.

Holden Reedy

Honor for the Lost

The theme of my illustrations revolve around the human psyche, and the habits that it brings out of us. I like to use small and ephemeral aspects of my personality or mentality, and exaggerate them to a point where it physically changes me in different ways. In a sense, these are all self portraits, some being more obvious than others. They vary a lot in style and medium, as I never like to stick to one method or meaning for too long.

Jeanette Sydnor

Red World

My name is Jeanette Sydnor and I am based in San Diego and I go to school at SDSCPA. I like to make art digitally and in multiple ways. I have had my art in the SDSCPA student exhibit and in the San Diego County Youth Art Month Exhibit. I like to use the color red a lot.

Jiley Diego Loera

Dealing with Reality

I am a 9th grade Art Major at San Diego School of Creative and Performing Arts.  My favorite medium is mixed media.  I enjoy experimenting with layers of oil pastel over acrylic paint.  I was given the award for outstanding artwork in my 8th grade year.  I have a lot of work displayed in the community and I volunteer regularly in school outreach programs to mentor younger art students.

Kasea Mendoza

The Ambiguity that is Humankind

Hello, my name is Kasea Mendoza and I’m a multimedia realism artist based in San Diego. I currently attend the San Diego School of Creative and Performing Arts as a fine arts major, though I mainly create realism art, I love to explore other artistic styles as well as combine them. I find myself to be generally inspired by conceptual art, dadaism, surrealism, and sculptures. I love to explore new mediums and techniques and apply them in various ways. 

Maliya Nunez


Hello, my name is Maliya Karissa! I’m a visual arts major at San Diego School of Creative and Performing Arts. Ever since I was little, I have been interested in creating all types of artwork. After leaving my elementary school, Zamorano Fine Arts Academy, I decided to pursue my strong calling for art and auditioned for San Diego School of Creative and Performing Art. My favorite medium to work with is just a simple pencil, because I love shading. I have also designed and worked on a mural last year in my community, and enjoyed every second of it. I also want to mention that I’m honored that my artwork has been selected for this exhibition!

Nallely Ramos

A Fathers Gift

My work explores the intersection of nostalgia and childhood memories through the medium of photography. Drawing inspiration from my own experiences, I aim to evoke a sense of longing and sentimentality in viewers by capturing moments from the past. Through careful composition and manipulation of light, I seek to transport viewers back to a time of innocence and wonder, inviting them to revisit their own cherished memories.

Please Note: The Art is NOT for Sale.

Natalia Carranza-Martinez

Tied Together

The theme of my work revolves around experimentation. Each piece in this series reflects the excitement and apprehension that accompany new experiences. I experiment with various mediums, techniques, and styles, allowing myself to push the boundaries of my creativity. These pieces show different meanings that reflect how I am as a person. They show that trying new things are better than staying in your comfort zone and that changing is for the best.

Nichole Linares

Girl With a Guitar

Hi! My name is Nichole, I’m an artist from San Diego CA attending SDSCPA. I’m an aspiring animator and character designer! My goal through my art pieces is to inspire others to create.

Noemi Castaneda

Stuck In Time 

My name is Noemi Castaneda and I’m an artist based in California. I’m an art major at my highschool and I’ve been featured in many exhibitions hosted there throughout my career. I mainly work in paints such as oil and acrylic, ergo mainly work in traditional. 

I love to bring out the beauty in people, and in contrast to this piece, I usually strive for a renaissance-esc style. This piece was experimentation within my love for writing and storytelling. 

Remington Burmester


My work revolves around how people mistreat others and exploit nature; as well as how those who are taken advantage of are seen as less than and subhuman. This was inspired by my AP Art portfolio from last year, which was about different fears. I wanted to dive deeper into negative emotions, how they affect people, and what they could look like. I also wanted to experiment with adding more variety in the size, color, and texture to my pieces.

Robbie De Anda


 Hi I’m Robbie I’m a Digital/Traditional Artist! I make a ton of cool pieces of art. I love my art to show the emotions behind the piece whether it is fun, sadness, excitement, or love.“Rosalva” Is the name of my piece, it is dedicated To my mom who raised me on her own my entire life as a single Mexican mom.

Terese Smith

Where Is My Home?

My name is Terese Smith. I am an artist based in San Diego, California. I am currently a 7th grade student at SDSCPA. My entire life I have been surrounded by the artistic diversity and artivism of Barrio Logan and Chicano Park. Living in this community has always been inspiring for me and my family. This piece, “Where is my home”? I made because it is an issue real to me- gentrification. A terrible reality that does so much harm to smaller communities. My community has and is currently facing this issue. I want this artwork to have people realize gentrification erases a neighborhood’s cultural identity. It doesn’t let a place have distinctiveness and history. This issue isn’t talked about enough and not enough people even know what it is.

Tiana Portugal

I’ve always been my mother’s daughter..

Hii! My name is Tiana Portugal and I am in my Junior year of high school in Chula Vista currently exploring myself in the world of traditional art. I try to focus a lot on experimenting with different art styles but primarily work with nonrepresentational and work with different mediums as much as possible, mainly working with color pencils. I play with personal themes surrounding memories and emotions that have made up my entire life while using subtle meanings to do so. But in my freetime when I am not doing art, I like to redecorate my room from time to time and practice the career I want to go into, which is Interior designer, and to try baking recipes for my family.

Vanessa Martin


Hello, my name is Vanessa Martin and I am a multimedia artist based in San Diego, California. I’m currently an 11th-grade fine arts major at the San Diego School of Creative and Performing Arts, where I’ve been exploring my passion for art since 6th grade. I have learned how to use numerous different types of mediums however the ones that have stuck with me and are my favorites are acrylic and oil paint. With those mediums, I like to create art pieces that represent me in any kind of way. Being a mixed-race artist, my art is my platform to get through to people so I like to introduce aspects of my black and Hispanic culture to my audience. The styles of art I love to illustrate these ideas vary from surrealistic abstract to hyper-realism, when I use different styles it allows me to convey diverse ideas and perspectives.

Zeta Askew


My name is Zeta Askew, I’m a 6th grade visual media arts major at San Diego SCPA. I like drawing, of course, as well as heavy metal, Neil Gaiman and Stephen King books, writing, video games, and birds. I mainly work with just a pencil and occasionally a blending stump when I create. I recently won first place at a Voice Out exhibition for mixed media ages 8-12.

I’ve always had a passion for making art, ever since I was little. I use it as a way to express my emotions or just to fill up my free time. I usually just draw doodles in my sketchbook, but sometimes I do create more realistic works, both in my own free time and for school.

Please Note: The Art is NOT for Sale.