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Meet the Artists

The Foundry is currently closed due to the New Village Arts renovation project.

Carlos Primo
Studio 5

I have been a Foundry artist since 2013. Shortly after joining, I discovered my passion for painting the ocean. I have now completed close to 50 ocean paintings, many of which I have sold.
I had previously been painting off and on, when and where I could and usually alone without much exposure or success. After renting my studio space at The Foundry, I started exploring oil as a medium, with tips and encouragement from my fellow Foundry artists.
I have been able to accomplish and experience a lot more as an artist than I ever imagined. I am grateful to Kristianne Kurner, Creative Director of New Village Arts for her vision, the City of Carlsbad for supporting the arts, and The Foundry artists. Last but not least, a big thank you to YOU for visiting.

Cassie Langan
Studio 9b

I develop multi-layered mixed-media artworks incorporating fine art techniques such as calligraphy, collage, drawing, painting, printmaking, and digital graphics. I also make handmade books integrating art papers developed while producing my mixed-media works.
Formally trained as a graphic designer, and a CZT (Certified Zentangle® Teacher), I have lived and worked in New York, Boston, and Allentown, Pennsylvania. I taught art for 16 years in the East Bay, Northern California. I am available to teach Zentangle®, creative journaling, and printmaking workshops.
The collaborative environment of The Foundry Artist Studios at New Village Arts promotes artistic fellowship and creative inspiration among the 17 practicing artists who engage in personal artistic experiences that intrinsically strengthen their human spirit.
The Foundry provides a unique opportunity for the community: witnessing the creative process firsthand. From rough layouts to gallery exhibitions we endeavor to capture our visions and share both the joys and the frustrations of our individual and collective artistic journeys.

Catherine Lombardi
Studio 12b

“Inspired by Nature”

Curious as a child, I was drawn to nature and loved to draw and paint, especially trees. Even the cold New England winters did not deter me from my need for creative expression. I would go out into the frosty air with great enthusiasm to draw and paint my favorite tree.
Over the years my interest in painting grew as did my artistic awareness and use of various mediums, styles, techniques and subject matter, including portrait painting which was an interesting challenge. I also enjoy the freedom of abstract painting after working on more detailed traditional work; to free my creative mindset.
In addition to painting I work with residents in residential care facilities for the elderly providing art programs. I also provide art programs for residents with Alzheimer’s disease.
I had always dreamed of having my own studio space. It is a pleasure to be with the artists at The Foundry and experience the synergy of creativity with this extraordinary group of talented individuals.


Chris Monette Appleton
Studio 1

My recent work is mostly abstract and/or figurative mixed-media. I also enjoy drawing using various media. My paintings often combine drawing and painting using acrylics, watercolor, crayons, inks, pigment pens and collage.
I like creating large busy pieces that I can become involved with for a long time. For me it’s about the process though I enjoy occasionally adding a subtle political or social comment. I like working with layers, details and bold color.
I’ve been an artist most of my life and studied fine art in college as well as with various workshop instructors in the US.
Being at The Foundry has enabled me to be with a community of artists, which is very supportive of the creative process. My studio here also allows a level of productivity that I have difficulty achieving in my home studio.

Kasia Brzeszcz
Studio 9A

I am a fitness and wellness professional, turned artist currently living in San Diego. In my experience as a personal trainer, I help clients harness their kinetic energy for health, and well-being. Using that same kinetic energy I have tapped into my inner light of movement and flow on canvas. My inspiration comes from exploring spirituality and expressing my authentic joy. I love to play with color to show energy and vibration through expressive action motions on canvas. My specialty is in acrylic pours and abstract paintings. Creating my art is a release of emotion and has played a big role in my healing and shamanic journey. I channel in the angels before every project, and ask for blessing. Art has proven to be a significant healing exercise for trauma release with my coaching clients.I am captivated with art that not only makes you feel something, but also has dimension and flow!


Jessica Lindsay Anjulie Flemming
Studio 6

The medium I use is a combination of acrylics, inks and photography.
My work is abstract, arranged in a pseudo-dimensional manner, to convey movement in an omni-dimensional flow. My goal is to draw upon the viewer’s perception, and cognitive attributes.
I view and appreciate art as a living quality. My endeavor is to express movement, depth and attitude through the flow and mixing of color, in blends and often vortices to extrapolate the viewer’s interest and emotions. I make each of my paintings unique, they are personal, and I believe that allows each to be an individual art piece.
I’ve pursued informal art study for fifteen years that span photography, drawing, modeling, and painting. Creating visual art is a passion that allows me to express who I am. I initiated my work in two dimensional pencil and color drawings, with ideas drawn from my photography of faces and simple natural beauty. I believe faces portray every aspect of life from joy to sadness. My earlier work captured these images as artifacts of people’s emotions. It was during this period I garnered an interest for facial expressions, where I was able to appreciate contours, color, texture, shadows, and contrast. Collectively, I learned these attributes are infinite, and I apply these to my abstract paintings as well.
I view The Foundry as Carlsbad’s epicenter for human creativity. It provides an umbrella of cultural influence to Carlsbad. Diverse art and art instruction are presented embracing all aspects of art. I value The Foundry community as it provides me the interface and exposure necessary to cultivate my artistic vision, and spirit.


Margi Saccomanno
Studio 4

I am a Southern California painter working in, acrylic, watercolor, pencil, and other mediums. I have pursued a wide variety of subjects since I began my art life at age 6. Over the past several years I have been focusing on political and world events, but recently I am trying to explore new areas.
In high school I participated in an arts intensive study program for four years. I enjoyed being selected as the secretary of Arts and Bulletin Boards for the school and I received the Art Award upon graduating. I then enrolled in the Art Instruction School, for three years and taught watercolor painting and drawing at Michael’s for three years. I have studied painting in oils, charcoal, and pastels with private instructors.
I came to the New Village Arts Foundry nine years ago and began a journey that has included solitude, education, growth, camaraderie, and friendship. Through the years we have seen numerous artists come and go. Each has left a little mark. Working in the “Village” is in itself a special experience and encourages a sense of community. Our artist receptions have been fun and a chance to connect with the locals and visitors to Carlsbad. With each new year we continue to integrate our vision as artists enriching the community we are part of.

760-722-8742, home
760-443-3650, cell

Mike Striler
Studio 11

I have been doing art from the beginning, perhaps from a past life work incomplete. I am compelled to express myself visually and create. I studied fine art with an emphasis on painting at San Diego State University. I worked in graphic design for many years professionally. I am a poet, songwriter and performing musician. My art studio is in Carlsbad at the New Village Arts Foundry where I share a working studio with 16 other incredible artists. Recently I have been doing a lot of photography in the parks I frequent for inspiration. Nature is full of form and we emerge from it and are a part of it. I aspire to work in film and continue with my passion for painting and drawing. I have recently returned to school where I can pursue these passions with like-minded people. Life is better than you can ever imagine.

Thomasina “Tommie” Ferguson-Howard
Studio 2B

I have been an artist since the age of 8 years old. I was born in San Diego and raised in Southern California. My work is rendered in acrylic, oils, pastels, watercolor, mixed media, and as of late assemblage. My work has been sold successfully at Cooper’s Black Art and Gallery Plus both located in Los Angeles, CA. Just in the last 5 years my work is seen at Solano Mall Center located 2nd floor in Fairfield, CA. I have been a professional active, artist for over 30 years. I thoroughly enjoy my passion and hope others continue to, too. One notable patron of mine was the contemporary artist in Gospel music, Pastor Andre Crouch. He has already passed on but will never be forgotten. He was a collector of mine, I have sold my work nationwide and publicly express gratitude to all my supporters over the years. As it stands, I was involved with Fairfield Suison Visual Arts Association, membership. This gallery is located up North in Solano County. Also visit the gallery and become familiar with how often a new exhibit emerges. Education: University of Nevada – Las Vegas. BFA 2014.

Phyllis Swanson
Studio 2a

Over the years I have tried many mediums, but much of my current work is in collage using recycled wine foils and acrylics on canvas.
I love to find a bit of humor in our everyday experience by juxtaposing the expected with the not so expected. I like to examine the positives in life. If my art can cause someone to stop and think or wonder or smile, then it’s been successful.
For the past 25 years I have worked at Studio 2, a small art company that specializes large and small scale murals and paintings.
I am also one of the original artists in residence at The Foundry, Over the last nine years I have found inspiration from both my fellow Foundry artists as well as the broader community we serve. Sharing the actual evolution of a piece of art is a pleasure for me and something many of our patrons seem to enjoy as well.
In addition to my work at The Foundry, my murals can be seen throughout the county including: Barrio Carlsbad on Walnut Street, Carlsbad; Cecil the Lion on Carlsbad Village Drive, Carlsbad; Vista’s Tribute to 395 on Main Street, Vista; Rady Children’s Hospital NICU, San Diego; and Canine Companions for Independence Radiology Unit, Oceanside. I also display selected pieces at the Michael J Wolf Fine Arts Gallery on 5th Avenue in the Gaslamp area of San Diego.

Robert MacPherson
Studio 7

Robert MacPherson is a representational painter who uses oils in an impressionistic style. He does not specialize in any specific subject matter, preferring to work in all categories of traditional painting.
His main source of inspiration is curiosity. He experiments a lot with different techniques, materials and subject matter. This has kept him interested in painting for nearly fifty years.
Robert believes that all artists are self-taught in the sense that the only way to learn how to paint is to do it. He received most of his formal training by taking numerous workshops with artists he admires. He also created and taught a university course in oil painting. His paintings have been shown in many galleries all over the country. He also shows his paintings in national and regional exhibitions sponsored by Oil Painters of America, American Impressionist Society, American Society of Marine Artists, and the California Art Club.
He enjoys being a member of The Foundry because it gives him a chance to interact with other artists and members of the public in matters related to art.

Shari L. Roberts
Studio 8a

I came to The Foundry as a painter specializing in faux finishes, applying a variety of finishes and textures on walls and refinishing furniture using similar techniques. Being surrounded by the talented artists at The Foundry has reignited my passion for painting on canvas. In addition I enjoy teaching art to elementary school children. I began instructing children in art during After School Enrichment Classes on the East Coast and currently continue in SoCal.
Art for Kids Classes and Workshops allow a hands-on approach to children for being creative and having fun with art. The classes are taught at The Foundry to enhance and encourage a positive, artistic learning experience. Children are introduced to different media and exposed to all genres of art, artists and influences of art. Classes/Workshops range in time and price depending on the topic.
I paint animals (pets), sports figures, graphics; anything I find creative, moving and inspiring. I love color, shape, line and texture. It’s the process of painting and the challenge that motivates me.
Transforming an old broken down piece of furniture can be very hard work, physically, but it is also fun. It’s magical watching the old life disappear and a new one emerge. Being creative inspires me. It can be any medium for any reason, it just has to touch me and I’m there – all in.
I was a professional Interior Designer in New York. My expertise was in Contract Design, Space Planning, Specification of all Materials and Products and Drafting. After hiring professionals for faux finish painting commissions, I took workshops and classes to become educated in this art. As I began to paint as a faux finish painter, I translated my skills to furniture. As a designer, familiar with how furniture is designed and built, I felt comfortable combining these two skill sets which led me to refinishing and painting furniture.
Instagram: @justfauxyoupainting
Facebook: @justfauxyoubySLRoberts

Carey Garneau
Studio 10

I am a New England native currently based in Carlsbad, CA. I studied Fine Art at the University of Connecticut with a focus on painting, illustration and collage. Although I have a very diverse portfolio, my current medium is primarily large scale, acrylic paint on wood canvas. My work is reminiscent of the Pop Art movement, often commenting on mass production, consumerism, addiction and politics. I believe art is created to not only captivate an audience but to provoke thought and inspire dialogue.  
I strongly believe art should be more prevalent within our communities and I am thrilled to be able to contribute to this cause. Joining The Foundry has already provided me with many opportunities to grow as an artist. I look forward to working among the many talented artists and sharing and discussing my work with the Carlsbad community members.  

Walter H Hambly
Studio 3

I am a California artist and my medium is acrylic and wood. I do abstract paintings and Southwest folk art. My business card identifies me as an abstract and santero (saint painter). This gives me the space for creativity in two different worlds. Because of this, I would like to think that my art, whether it be on canvas or wood, is always evolving. My inspiration comes from my special needs students and my Mexican heritage. But most important, I just like painting and cutting wood.
As an artist we often tend to work in isolation. The Foundry has given me its valuable sense of community. As a group of artists working together in open art studios we can take our creativity to new heights; out of the box and comfort zone. Also as a group of artists, The Foundry can make a difference for the arts in our community. This allows a voice as a village within a village to influence the importance of the arts when planning the direction of ideas for community involvement and actions. I feel when artists are creating art or engaging in community activities we can become a cultural voice for all.
I earned a BA in arts/communications from Whittier College and teaching credentials and an MA in special education from National University/Chapman University. I also spent 15 years in the garment industry designing textiles and as a designer/merchandiser and 22 years as a special education teacher.