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Renovation of our State Street Home

NVA Building Brief History

NVA’s home for the last 14 years has been the former Bauer Lumber property at 2787 State Street on the northwest corner of State Street and Christiansen Way, in the heart of Carlsbad Village. In the early 20th century, the property was a “packing house” for flowers, bulbs, and avocados, and was soon remodeled into a lumber shed by the Geib Lumber Co., and later purchased by the Bauers.  

The front of the New Village Arts building

The building is now owned by the City of Carlsbad, has been leased to NVA since 2006, and has been renovated to update and repurpose the space over the years.  Upon leasing the building, NVA raised approximately $225,000 to build out the current theatre space and opened its first theatre production in 2007.  In 2010, NVA partnered with the City of Carlsbad to develop and manage an arts incubator and raised an additional $10,000 to renovate the space that now houses the Foundry Artist Studios adjacent to the theatre. NVA continued to update the space, raising approximately $32,000 to remodel the theatre with new seats, carpeting and paint in 2015. In 2019 the City of Carlsbad funded the refurbishment of the West exterior wall and sloped roof with an estimated cost of $290,000. NVA continues to work closely with the City of Carlsbad to develop a plan beyond 2023 to bring the arts to Carlsbad in this location. 

Project Objectives

This project will open the doors to the arts in our community and bring substantial economic development and quality of life contributions to the North County region. One of the guiding principles of New Village Arts is that theatre and the arts should be accessible to all people. By creating diverse artistic experiences, NVA is able to build bridges between different components of our community and create a shared experience that creates deeper connections. This approach to creativity and art (both performing and visual) creates a deeper sense of belonging throughout North County and ensures that County residents have a sense of connectedness. 

The building will undoubtedly become the jewel of Carlsbad, situated in the heart of the Village in the midst of significant redevelopment happening around us. Presently, the exterior of the building does not reflect the quality of work happening inside the building. It causes passers-by to assume that the art happening here couldn’t possibly be as good as what is happening in downtown San Diego. New Village Arts is recognized as one of the finest theatre companies in San Diego, and a new exterior and expanded lobby will help patrons recognize that and seek out NVA for artistic experiences. The new expanded lobby will provide additional revenue opportunities and will invite more community members to be an integral part in the art-making process. 

In addition, NVA will be able to serve more children and senior citizens of the community, hold more classes and outreach programs, and ensure that NVA’s goal of making arts experiences available to everyone is fully realized. In the past, we have had to restrict our hours due to limited capacity, but the new Center will enable daytime classes for seniors and a more expanded after school and summer camp program for youth. A wonderful aspect of the proposed renovation is that the street entrance of the classroom will be made of glass, enabling people passing on the street to watch the classroom activities, which will inspire them to get their children and themselves involved in art. 

Currently, New Village Arts attracts over 20,000 people a year to its home in the Carlsbad Village. Once the renovation is complete, NVA anticipates being able to grow that number by 35% by 2025, welcoming over 27,000 patrons to experience theatre, music, visual arts and arts education, with an additional 5,000 students experiencing professional art in local high schools.

Project Description and Scope

  • Remodel exterior façade and replace with new glazing, doors, wood beam trellis and siding. This will require new wall framing and demolition of the existing sloped roof on the South and West of the building.
  • Integration with recent city managed partial reroofing and single exterior facade replacement.
  • Replace existing storefront windows on the center of the East wall and flatten the wall.
  • Remove and replacement of approximately 2000 SQ Ft of city sidewalk and private sidewalk work on the south and east sides of the building
  • Add solar panels
  • Public art mural to be design and installed by an artist on the west exterior of the building to face the train station and public parking lot.
  • Reconfigure the wall partitions in the lobby and move/reconfigure the restrooms to serve all patrons in the lobby, service counter area and artists workspace with the goal of opening up the lobby to connect it to the front of the building. In effect creating on large L shaped space to serve several functions.
  • Add a box office with storage mezzanine, a service counter, storage room, and back hallway to the South West exit for appropriate egress. 

Theatre Improvements

  • Upgrade and additional improvements to the stage and theatrical equipment including the following systems.
  • Deck Replacement including structure to have a modular functionality to allow for more options with various productions. 
  • New Projection Equipment & Software
  • New Lighting Instruments inventory including some of the latest moving lights and other cutting edge equipment to enhance the capabilities of the theatre space to improve the support for productions. To include a cue light system.
  • New Sound Equipment and inventory with a robust and dynamic capability and coverage. Including speakers to be used as monitors backstage and in dressing rooms.
  • New patch bays with wiring to connect the various areas of the theatre together for sound and communication needs. 
  • Lighting/Sound Pipe Grid to provide robust positions for the new lighting and sound inventory.
  • New House Lighting System
  • New communication system for backstage personnel and performers.

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General Information

Project Number: CUP 2021-00006

Project Type: Renovation, Tenant Improvements, Minor Site Development

Project Location: 2787 State St. Carlsbad, CA 92008

Project Owner / Tenant: New Village Arts, Inc.

Building Owner: City of Carlsbad

Estimated Construction Start Date: 8/30/21

Estimated Completion Date: 5/13/22

Total Project Area: 6733 Square Feet

Project Teams
Kristianne KurnerExecutive Artistic Director
Bob LinBoard President
Joan CummingInterim Managing Director
Curtis GreenProject Manager for NVA
NVA Team
Christopher MurilloTheatrical Design – Stage
Paul CanalettiTheatrical Design – Lighting
Melanie Chen ColeTheatrical Design – Sound/Projections
Stage Reno Design
Beatriz V. CabreraDesigner of Record
Brett FarrowArchitect of Record
Paul ChristensonStructural Engineer
Architectural Design

All information collected will be forwarded to the City of Carlsbad and become part of the public record.