New Village Arts is casting its Spring 2019 production of Bella: An American Tall Tale with book, music and lyrics by Kirsten Childs, directed by Associate Artistic Director Nadia Guevara. Music direction by Tony Houck and choreography by Kevin "Blax" Burroughs.
All aboard for a Western musical adventure the likes of which you’ve never experienced. As a wanted woman of mythic proportions looks to begin life anew our west, Bella takes us on the trip of a lifetime to escape her scandalous past and bounce into the arms of her awaiting Buffalo Solider. Rowdy, wild, and hilarious, this tall tale comes alive with soulful tunes and madcap antics aplenty.
NVA will be holding auditions by invitation only.  Singing auditions will be held on Sunday, September 16 in the evening and dancing auditions will be held Monday, September 17 in the evening. Please submit your headshot and resume to for consideration.  Please put Bella Submission in the subject line. Submissions are due by September 10th.

Auditions are by invitation only and audition materials will be sent with the invitation.  
Rehearsals begin on April 16, 2019 Tech begins on May 16, 2019 Previews begin May 2, 2019
Opens on June 1, 2019 and closes June 23, 2019 with a possible extension to June 30, 2019.  There is pay.
Character Breakdown:
Seeking excellent singers who move and actors with range. Equity and non-Equity.  Seeking performers who identify as Black and/or African American, Afro-Latinx, Latinx, Asian or Asian-American and one male-identifying white/Caucasian actor. All actors except BELLA play multiple roles.
Bella, Black/African American, female, 20s-30s. A Wild West figure with a Wild West figure. Imaginative, quick-witted and magnetic.
Mama, Black/African American, female, 40s-60s. Bella’s stubborn but loving mother. Tough love, wants the best for Bella.
Grandma, Black/African American, female, 50s-80s. Forgetful, but wise and loving.

Ida Lou, Black/African American, female, any age. A mother hoping to travel to safety.

Miss Cabbagestalk, Black/African American, female, any age. An uptight, judgmental woman.
Aloysius, Black/African American, male, 20s-30s. A Buffalo Soldier. Weary but hopeful.
Nathaniel, Black/African-American, male, 20s-30s.  Trustworthy train porter that ends up bouncing through Bella’s adventures. Loyal.
Bonny Johnny Rakehill, White American, male, 20s-30s. Unscrupulous plantation owner with a dangerous sense of entitlement.
Tommie Haw, Asian/Asian-American, male, 20s-30s. A cowboy. Charming and sexy. The man of Bella’s dreams, both literally and figuratively.
Diego Moreno, Latinx/Latin-American, male, 20s-30s. A romantic, he loves love.


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