Season 18 General Auditions

General auditions are being held on Sunday April 8 and Monday April 9 for singers and non- singers, starting at 6pm both days, by appointment only at New Village Arts Theatre, 2787 State Street, Carlsbad CA 92008.

PLEASE NOTE: All audition slots are currently full. However, you may show up on either day and put yourself on a wait list to audition. We will see day-of auditioners on a first-come, first-served basis, based on availability (NVA will make every effort possible to see all auditioners who show up).
Please bring a headshot and resume, and arrive early to complete the audition form.

For singers, please prepare 16 bars of a contemporary musical theatre song. (No pop please and no Hamilton and a verse and chorus of a Leiber and Stoller song, or a song in the similar style. An accompanist will be provided, please bring sheet music.
For singers and non-singers, please prepare a one-minute comedic monologue.
All roles are paid.
New Village Arts is committed to diversity and inclusion in all casting. Roles are open to all people unless specifically listed below.
Legally Blonde: The Musical
Music and Lyrics by Laurence O'Keefe and Nell Benjamin
Book by Heather Hach
Directed by Kristianne Kurner
A fabulously fun award-winning musical based on the adored movie, Legally Blonde: The Musical, follows the transformation of Elle Woods as she tackles stereotypes and scandal in pursuit of her dreams. Action-packed and exploding with memorable songs and dynamic dances - this musical is so much fun, it should be illegal!
Callbacks will be in mid-April. Rehearsals start 06/12/18, previews begin 07/20/18, opens 07/28/18, and closes 09/09/18. In addition to the characters below, we will be looking for male and female ensemble who can move. All ethnicities encouraged to audition.
• Elle Woods - (Gb2-G5 Soprano Belt) - Elle is a very bubbly college-age girl who follows her ex-boyfriend to Harvard Law School and realizes that she has more than just a pretty face and a bubbly personality to offer the world! She is very lovable, determined, vulnerable, energetic and outgoing! A true triple threat, tap dance skills are a plus. Must be comfortable with dogs and willing to be/become blonde!
• Emmett Forrest - (B2-A4 Tenor) - Emmett is a smart, quirky, sensitive and personable
law student. He ends up taking Elle under his wing and believes in her when it seems that no one else does. Must be comfortable with dogs. A strong singer/actor with great comedic timing!
• Paulette Buonofuonte - (A3-A5 Soprano Belt) - Paulette is the funny owner of Hair Affair, a local salon. She becomes friends with Elle and longs to marry a man from Ireland. She and Elle help each other achieve their dreams! Must be comfortable with dogs. A Bostonian accent is a plus, a strong singer with a powerful belt to match the personality!
• Pilar, Margot, Serena - (G#3-F5 Belt) - Pilar is the sassy and sensible sorority sister. Margot is the seemingly dim-witted, boy-crazy sorority sister. Serena is the energetic cheerleader, from Jewish heritage, sorority sister. Margot, Serena, & Pilar are Elle's entourage who follow her through the story acting as her “Greek Chorus”. Strong singers and dancers with good comic timing and youthful energy!
• Professor Callahan - (A2-F#4 Baritone) - Callahan is a pompous and manipulative law professor at Harvard. Callahan should be charismatic but able to turn instantly into a conniving shark at the turn of a hat.
• Warner Huntington III - (Eb3-Ab4 Tenor) - Warner is attractive and charming but very self-absorbed. He will do whatever it takes to achieve his dream of becoming a senator, including breaking Elle’s heart. Actor must be very comfortable on stage to best display the character’s charisma!
• Vivienne Kensington - (A3-F5 HUGE Soprano Belt) - Vivienne is an overachieving, stuck-up, wealthy, smart and savvy law student who is intellectually driven. Yet she feels very threatened by Elle's presence at Harvard. Must be willing to be/become a brunette.
• Brooke Wyndham - (A3-G5 Alto or Soprano) - Brooke is an exercise video star and former Delta Nu sorority girl who was accused of murder. Being physically fit is a must for this role, to properly do high level aerobics with enough stamina to continue singing. If you are auditioning for this role, you may be asked to jump rope while singing at your audition!
• Kyle B. O'Boyle - (no vocal requirement) - Kyle is a physically fit, smooth-talking UPS deliveryman. We soon find out that he is Paulette's dream guy. Must be comfortable with dogs. Irish dancing skills are a plus!
• Enid Hoops - (G3-G5 Soprano Belt) - Enid is a strong, opinionated, feminist law student at Harvard. Great comedic timing!
Guadalupe in the Guest Room
By Tony Meneses
Directed by Nadia Guevara
Guadalupe in the Guest Room tells the story of two people—with nothing in common but a shared grief—who bond in the most unexpected ways. Written by the rising playwright Tony Meneses, the play is a deeply moving and very funny celebration of life, new beginnings, and the healing power of telenovelas.
Callbacks will be 06/03/18 and 06/05/18. Rehearsals start 08/28/18, previews begin 09/28/18, opens 10/06/18, and closes 10/28/18.
• Guadalupe, 50s/60s. Latina.
• Steve, Late 20s/30s. White.
• Raquel, Late 20s/30s. Black or Asian. The actress playing Raquel also plays Claudia
and Aurelia.
• Roberto, 50s/60s. Latino. The actor playing Roberto also plays Jose Fernando and
Bernardo (except where indicated otherwise).
Miss Bennet: Christmas at Pemberley
By Lauren Gunderson and Margot Melcon
Directed by Kristianne Kurner
A sequel to Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice set two years after the novel ends, Miss Bennet continues the story, only this time with bookish middle-sister Mary as its unlikely heroine. Mary is growing tired of her role as the dutiful sister in the face of her siblings’ romantic escapades. When the family gathers for Christmas at Pemberley, an unexpected guest sparks Mary’s hopes for independence, an intellectual match, and possibly even love.
Callbacks will be 06/10/18 and 06/11/18. Rehearsals start 10/16/18, previews begin 11/16/18, opens 11/24/18, and closes 12/23/18.
Open Casting. All ethnicities encouraged to audition.
• Mary Bennet: 20. Finally coming in to her own, she is no longer the plain, boring girl she once was. She has a fire in her now. She is intelligent, curious, and lively, but her family only sees her as a future spinster. She does not suffer fools. She wants to live.
• Arthur de Bourgh: 25. A studious, unsociable only child who has never been around women or large families. He is a loner who prefers books to people. He has recently inherited a large estate and has no idea what to do next.
• Elizabeth Darcy: 22, married to Mr. Darcy. Confident, charming, and witty. She makes a fun and surprising lady of the house. She is best friends with her sister Jane.
• Fitzwilliam Darcy: 30. A loving, generous, and smart (if slightly stiff) husband. He is quiet and vigilant and thus sees what others often miss. He knows what being lovelorn is like.
• Jane Bingley: 24, married to Mr. Bingley. She is seven months pregnant with her first child and is sweet and optimistic as ever. The kindest heart in the house.
• Charles Bingley: 25. Gracious, happy, and ever focused on the love of his life, Jane. A good friend and always ready with a smile.
• Lydia Wickham: 17. Flirtatious, youthful, self-centered. Her marriage to Mr. Wickham is a sham but she will not admit this. She is the person you want to have at your party: energetic, engaging, unstoppable.
• Anne de Bourgh: 20s. Only daughter of the late Lady Catherine de Bourgh. Lived in her mother's very large shadow, never having to ask for anything or speak for herself her entire life. Judgmental and impatient, just like her mother.
Smokey Joe's Cafe
Music and Lyrics by Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller
Directed by Tony Houck
Leiber and Stoller, as much as anyone, virtually invented rock ‘n’ roll, and now their songs provide the basis for an electrifying entertainment that illuminates a golden age of American culture. The classic themes of love won, lost and imagined blend with hilarious set-pieces and slice-of-life emotions. Featuring nearly 40 of the greatest songs ever recorded (including Jailhouse Rock, Love Potion Number 9, and Stand By Me), Smokey Joe's Café isn’t just great pop music – it is compelling musical theatre.
Callbacks will be 06/24/18 and 06/25/18. Rehearsals start 12/11/18, previews begin 01/25/19, opens 02/02/19, and closes 03/10/19. May extend to 03/17/19.
Looking for 5 male and 4 female actors of all creeds. African American, Asian American, Latino, Native American, Middle Eastern, Caucasian, young (at least 18 years old), old, gay, straight, transgendered. Everybody! Must be a power house singer, able to hold harmony, and move well.
• Man 1- Male, Tenor, up to B4, strong falsetto preferred.
• Man 2 - Male, Tenor, up to G4
• Man 3 - Male, Tenor, up to G4
• Man 4 - Male, Baritone, up to F4
• Man 5 - Male, Bass
• Woman 1 - Female, Mezzo-Soprano
• Woman 2 - Female, Soprano
• Woman 3 - Female, Alto
• Woman 4 - Female, Alto
The Servant of Two Masters
By Carlo Goldoni
Translation by Samantha Ginn and AJ Knox
Directed by AJ Knox
A world-premiere adaptation of the classic comedy by NVA favorites Samantha Ginn and AJ Knox. When the trickster Truffaldino signs on to serve two masters in the hope of double wages and double dinners, chaos and hilarity ensue. This witty new adaptation is brought to life by an ensemble production full of music, magic, and every trick in the theatrical rucksack –from Goldoni to Groucho Marx.
Callbacks will be 07/29/18 and 07/30/18. Rehearsals start 02/26/19, previews begin 04/05/19, opens 04/13/19, and closes 05/05/19.
We will be looking for actors of all ages, races, genders, and body types to fill various roles associated with commedia dell'arte. Fluid casting. Actors with additional skills (juggling, acrobatics, magic, instruments, athletics, etc) and strong improvisation experience are highly encouraged to audition.
Examples of stock commedia characters (note: these are not the characters of the play, but a general list of comic stock types):
• Pantalone – old, wealthy, greedy, and rude. Cheap and gullible, his morals are as crooked as his walk.
• Columbina – a pesky servant. Sharp, gossipy, flirty, and mischievous. The only rational person in this whole thing. One step ahead of everyone else, always.
• Dottore – Pompous and pretentious, he specializes in everything, and won’t hesitate to tell you all there is to be known about any given subject. The problem is, most of it is nonsense. Won’t hesitate to diagnose someone with a made-up ailment, just to offer a made-up cure.
• Capitano – A boastful, braggart, faux-soldier. Thinks he’s strong, handsome, brave, and powerful, when in fact, he’s none of those things. He’d defect to the enemy’s side if he thought they would win, just to say he was on the winning side. Likewise, for all his boasting and bragging, he’s never really done anything.
• Zanni - Comic servants, motivated by hunger and want. Thinks first and asks questions later—or not at all. There is an urgency to the Zanni – they rarely stop moving, and they have keen survival instincts. Anything for a meal or a bed for the night.
• Innamorati – The lovers. These characters are ruled by blind, hopeless love. The kind that makes any sane person roll their eyes.
• Pulcinella – He’s either stupid and pretending to be clever, or clever and pretending to be stupid. Either way, he’s an imposter as a way to avoid life’s troubles. Likes to start fights, only to refuse to throw a punch. He’s a jerk.

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